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Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps For Sale

Enjoy Lemon Tree rolling papers. They have teamed up to bring to you this new terpene infused rolling paper pre rolled cone. These cones are infused with terpene flavors that mimic the exact terpene profile of their world renowned award winning cannabis strains . Now available in a variety of flavors Lemon Tree, Blueberry Tree, Strawberry Tree, Grape Tree. If you're a fan of Lemon tree then you will definitely love these cones! Perfect infused flavor pre-rolled cones are the newest release by Lemon Tree.

Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps (2 wraps per pack/ 12 packs)

We are offering high quality Lemon Tree Organic Blunt wraps with wholesale prices at the best distributor wholesale store.


  • 2 Wraps Per Pack

  • 12 Packs

  • 100% Organic

  • Tobacco & Nicotine Free

  • Vegan

  • GMO Free

  • Case: 50pcs


  • Lemon Tree

  • Blueberry Tree

  • Strawberry Tree

  • Grape Tree

Terpene infused blunt wraps 


Our Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps offer a range of outstanding features that ensure a premium smoking experience:

Our Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps are more than just flavorful; they also offer a terpene profile that closely mirrors our proprietary genetics in our extensive library. Through meticulous research and development, we have crafted a terpene blend that authentically captures the essence of our award-winning cannabis strains. This attention to detail ensures that each puff from our blunt wraps delivers a true representation of our renowned Lemon Tree genetics.

By infusing our blunt wraps with this unique terpene profile, we aim to provide a smoking experience that goes beyond just taste. The carefully selected terpenes enhance the flavor and aroma of the wraps, creating a harmonious synergy that reflects the distinctive characteristics of our proprietary strains. With each inhale, you can savor the same terpene-rich experience found in our acclaimed cannabis varieties.

We take great pride in our library of proprietary genetics, and it is our passion to bring the essence of these strains to a wider audience. Through our Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps, we offer enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the remarkable terpene profiles that have made our cannabis strains so highly regarded.

  • Each pack contains 2 wraps, providing you with ample supply for multiple sessions.

  • The case includes 12 packs, allowing you to stock up and enjoy these delightful blunt wraps for an extended period.

  • Our blunt wraps are made with 100% organic ingredients, ensuring a natural and pure smoking experience.

  • They are completely free of tobacco and nicotine, making them a healthier alternative for those who prefer to avoid these substances.

  • Our blunt wraps are vegan-friendly, catering to individuals with dietary preferences and ensuring inclusivity.

  • They are GMO-free, assuring you that our products are crafted with care and without any genetically modified organisms.

  • The case includes 50 pieces, ensuring you have a generous supply of Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps for your personal use or retail distribution.

Choose from a range of captivating flavors to suit your preference:

  • Lemon Tree: Tangy and refreshing with vibrant citrus notes.

  • Blueberry Tree: Mellow and fruity, offering a delightful blueberry taste.

  • Strawberry Tree: Rich and decadent, capturing the essence of ripe strawberries.

  • Grape Tree: Bold and robust, providing a full-bodied grape flavor.

Experience the perfection of our Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps, now available for sale. Indulge in the exceptional flavors, embrace the organic and tobacco-free qualities, and enjoy a guilt-free smoking experience like no other. Whether for personal enjoyment or to offer your customers a premium smoking option, our Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps are the ideal choice.

Immerse yourself in the world of Lemon Tree genetics with our terpene-infused blunt wraps. Let the flavors and aromas transport you to the unique terpene landscapes that have captivated cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Discover a smoking experience that not only satisfies your taste buds but also pays homage to the exceptional genetics found within our library.

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